928 S Perry St,
Spokane, WA 99202


I cannot remember a moment in my life, when I have not felt the love of my family.

Every family, has a story, ours begins with Casper Fry. We honor our past by paying homage to those who have come before us, the foundation of a family not unlike others. We laugh, we cry, we love, we argue. We have a deep sense, and respect of where we come from, and we’re working together every day to build a future. Through our story, our food, our restaurants and our community we hope to build on the legacy from which we come.

Casper Fry was a good and humble man with Southern roots, who lived and preached in this neighborhood. He was our Great Grandfather, our Great-Great Grandfather. He was a Baptist Minister, whose Church still stands, right across the street. He nurtured his family, inspired his community and lovingly tended his garden, at a time when all gardens were organic. Our namesake, and inspiration to always do good, and declaration to bring people together through simple, delicious, fresh American comfort food, using local, fresh farm grown ingredients.


We take our inspiration from the world around us. From Casper and a simpler time when American craftsmanship insured quality, and most foods were fresh, and grown locally. At Casper Fry we’ve crafted each detail with thought and care. Designing a restaurant, and a menu that is reflective of the classic foods of comfort, which invoke nostalgia, yet inspire us to reinvent. We’re taking a modern approach in recreating authentic Southern dishes, relying on the beautiful foods of our region. We feel strongly about reinvesting in our local economy, supporting our local farmers and ranchers, and contributing to a sustainable environment. We think it’s important to know the story about the food we eat. As a family with roots here, we’re excited to participate in the revitalization of the historic South Perry neighborhood. At Casper Fry we embody and embrace the vital strands of this essential fabric of our town, and we promise to always deliver non-complicated, farm inspired American true food.

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